Chinese Scammers BUSTED

Wholesale-Portal is not a scam, but we do love catching scammers in order to protect you.

Latest Scam: keviop.com - Creation Date: 2008-08-21
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BEWARE of the following sites:

www.keviop.com scam
www.riancymall.com scam
www.wdtom.com scam
www.togtrade.com scam
www.haiwoaini.com scam
www.yuehaishop.com scam

As they keep changing domains every few weeks it is hard to list all of the sites they operate with)

These Scam Artists from China pretend they are wholesalers. If you happen to send them money YOU WILL LOSE IT. They operate similar web pages and keep changing domain names so they are hard to find if you do a search for scams. They usually approach unsuspecting buyers through eBay; so my fellow eBayers please be careful.

This is what they usually say in their email:

"We are writing you because we are an international company that export electronic products. We have outstanding connections from around the world, therefore we can offer you competitive prices along with excellent quality and fast deliveries. We believe you can be a great addition to our customers' list. It would make us happy to hear from you soon. For more information you can check our website http://www.yuehaishop.com/"




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